The Trade Desk Raises $2.5M

Ventura-based The Trade Desk, a new online Internet advertising exchange firm headed by AdECN co-founder Jeff Green, has raised $2.5M in a venture funding round. The funding came from the Founders Collective and IA Ventures, led by Roger Ehrenberg, as well as strategic investors Jerry Neumann (Omnicom), and Josh Styleman (Reprise Media). The Trade Desk operates an Internet advertising marketplace which uses various, in-depth data sources to better target and match advertisers and publishers. According to Green, the firm is developing a system which determines, for a particular advertising impression and particular user, on a particular site and particular instance, how much that impression is worth--using a wealth of proprietary data sources drawing in information about the user, site, demographics, and other factors. Green was last COO at Microsoft AdECN, after AdECN's acquisition by Microsoft in 2007. More information »


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