Factual Spins New Geofencing, Targeting Tools

Los Angeles-based Factual said Wednesday that it has rolled out two new tools, one aimed at geofencing of data, and another for audience targeting. The company said its Geopulse Proximity Designer and Geopulse Audience Builder are specifically aimed at marketers, and use its Global Places data to help target ad campaigns. For example, Factual said marketers can specifically use thigns like business mane, merchant chain, category, or geography and a radius to target offers--for example, offering up ads to users if they are visiting a merchant's store, or even those of a competitor. Factual said the dools are being used by such networks as StrikeAd, Turn, Manage, Deep Forest Media, EQ Works, MdotM, Juice Mobile, Adsmovil, TAPTAP, among others.